Sunday Theatre Live

About Us

Sunday Theatre Live (STL) was created to introduce and spark a deeper love in the area of the Fine Arts through stage plays, theatre camps, and community choirs.

STL's vision is to build a platform where the performing arts will the an evergreen resource that houses the best of the best in live stage performances, while building upon emotional social learning skills for adults and children. Our portfolio of veted local independent creatives will highlight their premium body of work with year-round live performances for onlookers. These professionals will also provide professional assistance for STL's short-term goal of creating a pipeline with access for vulnerable youth to explore their God-given talent in the area of Fine Arts. Our wheel-house will include actors, dancers, directors, musicians, poets, producers, singers and writers.

Through continue support of community, private and philanthropic partnerships, we are committed to enriching the lives of current and future lovers of the Arts. Whether supporting Sunday Theatre Live as a patron at our events, or joining our list of committed sponsors, collectively, we will stand for diversity in age, culture, life experience, while sharing a strong appreciation in the are of Fine Arts that speak to why it is a vital part of community.

We invite you to connect with us in our social communities on Facebook and instagam@ sundaytheatrelive


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